Can an Employee Monitoring Software make your team effective?

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Is your team actually working right now? According to popular studies, employees are effective just 60% of the time logged in.

So for every 10 hours logged in, you get only 6 hours of work. Imagine if you could boost productivity by just 25%. That would mean an extra 1.5 hours of work every day. It’d put your business ahead of all your competitors.

This is the average boost in productivity experienced when you start tracking your employees’ work.

There is sometimes resistance against employee monitoring software from employees. There’s a good reason for this. Nobody wants to be caught on the wrong foot. If someone is wasting their time while logging in work hours, they don’t want to be found out.

But for companies, it’s important for the reverse reason. You want to know who your good people are and keep them happy. You want to lose all the people who don’t want to work.

Remember the Pareto principle? 80% of all results are from 20% of the resources. That’s true for most companies too. What if most of your company’s results are just from a small percentage of people? Don’t you want to identify and help them succeed more?

Here’s why employee productivity tracking is right for your business.

Understanding Productivity Tracking

Employers use employee tracking software to observe how their employees work, including their productivity and computer usage, all while respecting staff members’ privacy.

Tools that do this are called employee monitoring tools. Example DoTeam, which is a popular ethical productivity monitoring software.

Companies use these tools to track the activities of both remote and in-office employees during their work hours. Tracking software helps managers ensure that employees do not get distracted during work and end up wasting precious work time.

  • They help prevent office based workers from wasting their time in gossiping and also doing work or activities not related to their job while at work.
  • Remote employees are even more prone to distractions. You might think your team member is logged in to work, but they might have a chore or a task at home going on instead.

Unproductivity can kill your company’s future very fast.

There are some amazing employees who are extremely professional and dedicated, but not every person is like that.

We have found in our own observations that while you think your team member is working, they could be streaming the latest movie and watching it.

Software like this can provide employers with insights into their employees’ productivity levels and identify those who may require additional assistance or support.
Of course it has to be done while respecting everyone’s privacy. Software like DoTeam make sure that they respect privacy and give your team enough freedom while keeping the productivity high.

How can an Employee Monitoring Tool like DoTeam improve the Productivity of a Company ?

1. Enhances Employee Efficiency

Any organization hires a person with a lot of dreams and expectations. They want to get the best outcome and dedication from the person. To have them help and grow the company and in turn grow their career.

Bad hires are the top reason why businesses die. If you want to succeed, you cannot let a bad hire kill your business.

You hired the best, the most impressive candidate. Now you need to make sure that they work hard for you.

A permission based tracking software will only track when the person who’s working for you is logged in to work. They have allowed the software to track.

That means, they should be working. They shouldn’t be wasting their time during the time they logged in ‘to work’.

When you track, you keep them aware of their commitment. It reduces the human tendency to take it easy. They work harder because they know their commitment is being monitored.

In our own experiences with tracking we gained a 30% improvement in performance than we would have without tracking.

Of course, it depends on your team members too but on an average over many companies and teams the gain is above 20%.

2. Better Task Allocation and Management

The software helps employers evaluate how employees manage their tasks. Managers can ensure the effective handling of important projects by reassigning tasks or providing extra guidance.

It can offer insights into how staff members prioritize their activities and manage their workload. It also assists companies in determining whether workers are focusing on crucial duties that directly advance the organization’s objectives or if they are devoting more time to unimportant pursuits.

For example, the program can alert employee or Team leaders to resolve a problem if it shows that a worker routinely spends a significant amount of time on low-priority tasks while neglecting important projects. Then, managers can provide advice or reassign work to ensure that crucial initiatives receive the attention they need.

You will also be able to correctly analyze how much time and effort is spent in doing each task.

3. Effective Time and Resource Management

Monitoring Software tracks how employees spend their working hours and records it. It provides insights into the amount of time dedicated to specific tasks or websites, indicating whether employees are spending excessive time on non-work-related websites or apps or if they are effectively utilizing their time for important work duties.

By analyzing the data,employers can implement corrective measures, such as providing additional training, adjusting workloads, or implementing time management strategies. Time management involves optimizing office hours to ensure employees focus on tasks that enhance their productivity and the organization’s success.

4. Minimize distractions and Improve Focus 

Employees face various distractions, whether they work in an office or remotely .

Common distractions include :

  • Internet surfing (41%)
  • Social media (37%)
  • Emails (26%)

Using such software can help not only employers but also employees understand how they are getting distracted at work and what is causing them to lose focus on the task at hand.

This led employees to break the chain of procrastination and perform better to get that next promotion by increasing their productivity at work.

5. Boost Employee Engagement 

Not all employees stay actively engaged during office hours especially if it’s a fully remote organization.

Observing their engagement can help firms identify early signs of disengagement, such as excessive web/app use, extended task completion times, or increased absenteeism.

Employee engagement measures the extra effort an employee puts into their work. But why does employee engagement matter?

Here’s why:

  • Engagement enhances productivity and employee retention because employees genuinely care about their work.
  • Engagement can boost profitability by up to 23%.
  • Engagement can decrease absenteeism because employees eagerly anticipate coming to work.

6. Improve Employee Freedom

Ethical work software like DoTeam are not ‘Spying software’. The purpose of these software is to improve employee performance and at the same time, keep their freedom intact.

Here’s how it works:

In our organization we were able to give our team members flexible work and login hours because we are effectively able to track their work.

Employees can log in early or late, take long or short breaks and get their work done on their terms.

It creates a happier and more productive team because employers have the assurance of better work results and employees have the freedom of choosing when they work.

7. Increase Accountability 

Work Monitoring Software promotes accountability at work.

When businesses monitor employees’ actions, they can verify that employees perform their jobs and achieve their objectives in an effective manner.
As mentioned earlier, monitoring tools provide data and measurements to assess employee performance and ensure they take responsibility for their tasks . This can foster a culture of responsibility, motivating employees to do their best and achieve their objectives.

Here’s what your monitoring tool must do

The software you use for employee monitoring must follow these practices to ensure you enhance your team’s effectiveness without impacting morale:

✔️Transparency: Be open and honest with your staff. Inform them about why you’re implementing it and how you intend to use the data.

✔️Establish Clear Expectations: Clearly specify your performance expectations for each employee. Make certain that employees are aware of their duties.

✔️Balanced Approach: Utilize the application as a development tool rather than for surveillance. Encourage staff members to provide comments and ideas for improving their work procedures.

✔️Regular Training: Educate staff members on the proper use of the software. Inform them of its advantages and how it can help them advance their growth in the organization.

✔️Privacy Safeguards: Implement strong data protection methods to protect employee information .Comply with data protection rules and restrict access to sensitive information.

Explore DoTeam for Enhanced Employee Performance

Today’s digital age has made remote work common with employees working in-office, from home, or anywhere they like. 

In this scenario physical employee monitoring via a human manager is no longer possible. You will need to start using a web-based employee monitoring software.

DoTeam is a top ethical and effective team monitoring tool.

It is a powerful tool to help get the best performance from employees in all work settings. It reduces the frustration from the management and gets you full productivity automatically.

DoTeam enables better collaboration, enhances productivity, and fosters a happier work environment. For the management, helps in project management, task tracking, real-time communication, and productivity statistics.

Team Leaders can efficiently manage tasks, monitor progress, and encourage open communication among remote workers using these tools.

Key Features Of DoTeam: 

  • Time Tracker with Screenshots 
  • Manage Time shifts 
  • User Friendly and Easy to Use 
  • Work Both Offline and Online 
  • Capture Accurate Timesheets 
  • Fluid Time Management 
  • Easily Organize your Tasks 
  • Track only logged time 
  • Secure and encrypted Data handling 
  • Detailed Reporting and analytics 
  • Customer Support 24/6


To sum it up, employee monitoring is a good strategy, but you have to make sure that you have the right tool.

It must be ethical, it must not be restrictive, and it must give your employees the confidence that they are not being spied upon.

Permission based tracking is the right way to do it. DoTeam is great software for permission based and ethical work tracking.

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