Doteam Features List

Time Tracking

Track computer activity, website usage and app usage.
Time Tracker With Screenshots
Captures accurate timesheets
Manage time-shifts
Get detailed insights into employee’s working styles
Get accurate login and logout times of your employee
User friendly and easy to access
Detailed Reports
Works both online and offline.

Project & Task Tracking

Track time spent on tasks
Create a real estimate of project costs and time invested
Easily organize your tasks and reorder them with a drag and drop function
Track billable time and instantly generate the amount to be paid
Fluid Team Management
Team members can seamlessly log time in multiple projects

Responsible tracking & monitoring

Tracking is done with full disclosure to all stakeholders.
Check activity level based on mouse clicks and keyboard strokes
Tracks only Logged Time
Secure & Encrypted Data Handling
Track Attendance with Minimum Effort
Screenshot pop ups are always on the watch
Works on all your office computers

Admin Area

Detailed reporting and analytics
Easy management of screenshots


24 Hours customer support
Chat support 24/6
Expert help on demand
Done-for-you service available